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Enemy Of Infants

Queen Of Chaos & Ruin


Designed By: ashleighzombie




The contents of this journal is not for the weak of heart or mind. There are some entries involving extreme gore and or explicit photos. Add at your own risk.

I put on my best Sunday dress
then I walk straight into this mess of mine
and I'm watching you burn

7 year bitch, abandoned property, abnormalities, alternative cultures, anatomy, anima sola, animaniacs, antiques, armor, art, automobiles, babes in toyland, babydoll dresses, bento, bizarre phenomenon, black, black plastic jewelry, blood, bones, breaking shit, brothers quay, catholic imagery, cemeteries, chains, coffins, corsets, cosplay, courtney love, creepy dolls, crotchet lace, cyber, dark clouds, dead things, death, death hawks, deathrock, decay, deformities, demonology, destruction, diseases, diy, drawing, dreads, dreams, ethnic food, evil and wicked shit, eyes, fashion, fear and loathing, fetish attire, gas masks, ghost towns, gore, gothic lolita, graffiti, graves, grey, guitar, guns, halloween, haunted places, hearses, hole, horror, icp, industrial, insane asylums, insomnia, invader zim, jack off jill, japanese culture, jellyfish, joseph michael linsner, jthm, kawaii, kinderwhore, kung fu hustle, l7, lady death, latex, leather, lilith, lolita, lucid dementia, lunachicks, macabre, makeup, mark ryden, mary jane, mausoleums, metal, metalocalypse, methods of torture, mortuary science, my insanity, natural born killers, occult, paranormal, photography, pink, pinup, poetry, polka dots, pomeranians, psychology, psychopathic, pulp fiction, punk, purgatory, purple, rasta, reeking chaos and havoc, riot grrrl, riotous behavior, robots, sacred heart, seafood, seahorses, serial killers, skate shoes, skulls, special fx, spikes, steampunk, storms, subcultures, succubuses, sushi, sweet scents, tank girl, tattoos, taxidermy, the dark of night, the female form, the supernatural, tool, tornado's, trespassing, turning heads, twiztid, vanilla, victorian mourning, vintage, walking through the woods, weapons, weirdness, welding, woodcuts, zombies